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Connecting the Front Line as the First Step in Digitization for Labor Intensive Companies

We won’t fully know the impact of the pandemic for years to come, but companies are rapidly adjusting how they operate and the mean by which they address frontline worker safety and operations in response. 

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The New Reality of Sick Days for Frontline Organizations

To limit the spread of the novel coronavirus and protect your employees, employees must be immediately sent home if they show symptoms and self-declare. Without in-house testing, this leads to an automatic 14-day quarantine period that can have a massive impact on productivity. 

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How to Select the Right Face Masks for Frontline Workers

America is in the process of reopening after nearly three months of quarantine and isolation to protect against the spread of coronavirus. It’s been a difficult three months and cash-strapped businesses and workers alike are eager to get back to work but in a safe, sustainable way. The new normal requires us to think not just of reopening, but staying open and protecting workers as effectively as possible. 

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