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The importance of proper site entry and workplace compliance to combat coronavirus

As we shift from quarantine to reopening businesses throughout North America, it’s more important than ever to have clearly defined, carefully monitored processes in place to ensure proper site entry and workplace compliance. 

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Andonix Launches New Application, ‘Safely Pass,’ To Ensure Safety of Front-line Workers Amidst Global Pandemic

A solution for employers to maintain business continuity and supply chain operations while ensuring employee safety, Safely Pass is an essential, fast-to-deploy digital solution that enables the detection, monitoring, and prevention of contagion at the workspace.

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The Importance of Proper Monitoring to Protect Your Employees and Keep Your Business Open

Proper monitoring of employees using wireless technology can provide a map of employee locations and interactions that can be audited in the event of illness, allowing you to pinpoint hotspots for closure and quarantine instead of the entire floor. 

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